I grew up on the south west Cornish peninsula never more than four miles from the sea; wind and tide sculpt amazing forms on the cliffs.  I have been inspired by shells. The matt white outer surface contrasted by the shiny interior. I love the idea of pregnant forms bursting with inner life and the geometric patterns nature has created which emphasis the form.  This interest gave rise to my Zebra Jazz series. Porcelain slab pots decorated with dancing lines of black slip. 

Most recently, I have been working in Earthenware, decorating my slab pots with brightly coloured sips; playing with contrasting lines and shapes. These are influenced by the 20th century painters I have always admired like Picasso and Matisse. 

I began studying ceramics at Redruth School of Art, read a degree at the University of Leicester and worked as an Art teacher in Hemel Hempstead and Basingstoke for twenty-six years. Since retiring, I have built a studio at home and have been experimenting with a wide range of clays and construction techniques.

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