I grew up on the south west Cornish peninsula never more than four miles from the sea; wind and tide sculpt amazing forms on the cliffs. Sedimentary rocks are layered between granite with sparking seams of iron pyrite and quartz. I try to capture their natural textures by using Raku techniques and their gleaming polished surfaces, by experimenting with stoneware glazes. However, most recently I have been inspired by shells. The matt white outer surface contrasted by the shiny interior. I love the idea of pregnant forms bursting with inner life and the geometric patterns nature has created which emphasis the form. 

I began studying ceramics at Redruth School of Art, read a degree at the University of Leicester and worked as an Art teacher in Hemel Hempstead and Basingstoke for twenty-six years. Since retiring, I have built a studio at home and have been experimenting with a wide range of clays and construction techniques.

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